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Residential ESS(EOH Series)

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48V 5KW Lithium ion LFP Battery And Inverter All in One Solar Energy Storage System
Installatiaon Vertical STR-EOH48-10.0U-S1
Product Name Energy Storage System
Inverter Capacity 5kWh
Battery Capacity 5 Years
Certifications CE/TUV/IEC(EU&US Standards)
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STR-EOH is a new generation of household energy storagesystem with two output specifications of 220V and 110V, which can meet thediversified needs of global users. The STR-EOH energy storage system adopts amodular design, including power modules and battery expansion modules, so itcan be easily combined into a system of any capacity required by the user.

The lithium iron phosphate batteries with high performanceand long service life are used in the energy storage module. Meanwhile, themodular structure design is adopted. Each energy storage module is internallyintegrated with the intelligent BMS system, which can be easily expanded andcan be combined into 20Kwh battery pack at most.

The brand new topological circuit design is adopted in thepower module, which can realize the energy exchange between photovoltaic,mains, battery and loads, and has the function of photovoltaic and mainscharging. The photovoltaic charging module adopts the latest optimized MPPTtracking technology, which can quickly track the maximum power point of thephotovoltaic array in any environment, and obtain the maximum energy of thesolar panel in real time. In addition, MPPT has a wide voltage range. Theadvanced control algorithm is adopted in the mains charging module to realizethe fully-digital double closed-loop control of voltage and current, so thecontrol precision is high and the volume is small. The AC voltage input rangeis wide, and the input/output protection functions are complete, which canrealize the stable and reliable charging and protection of batteries. Theinverter module is based on the full-digital intelligent design, adopts theadvanced SPWM technology, outputs pure sine wave, converts direct current intoalternating current, and is applicable for household appliances, power toolsand other AC loads.